Its a sort of i don't know what to do day, had to go to hospital to have blood taken for my tyroids, then we went out for breakfast well it was brunch as it was 1.30pm we popped out to see a relation who has broken his ankle playing rugby.....and i must admit i did ask him if i could alter his cast. lol we came home to start clearing away but we got side tracked i'm now online and gus is sleeping lol so its a day when you plan to do one thing but do something completely different. i gave up smoking on the 30th dec and i havent smoked since, some days is harder than others....but i had decided that i didnt want to go into my 50th year being a smoker and i must admit i feel better. but every now and then i don't half fancy a fag, and i am doing it without chewing gum and patches.