I'm drunk..i have been to a friends party tonight she is leaving Scotland next week end and going back down south, and i won't be here to say good bye, I'm flying down south tomorrow my dad has had a stroke so my family needs me there, tonight is the first night myself and my friend have got drunk together we had a brill night but i had to Say good bye it was awful we have only known each other for 4 years but you know when you find someone who knows everything about you and still likes you, its great and i am losing her..... i know we will see each other we will be going down to see them but it isn't the same as them just being up the road. And tomorrow i fly down to Bristol to be with my family in Weston super mare, my Dad, my hero, has had a stroke i have spoken to him on the phone and IT doesn't sound like him, i have download info off the net and and i didn't know any thing about strokes at all, but i now know a lot more, i even know the names of the stroke team in Weston general, you think your parents will I've forever, but they don't. i sometimes wish i could press a button and everything would go to a time when i felt safe and secure.

my Friend Christine is the sort of friend i could say anything to i could really be me, open and honest, and she was just like me. i will miss her very much.