im still here

just to let you know I'm still around and still off sick with my ankle, physio is going very well, I'm sat here in my lounge watching prime ministers question time, I'm not a political person i don't understand all these big words, but we have all these men and women arguing what is best for us mere mortals and one lot of them are saying ' you are only out for the wealthy' well aren't they wealthy as well!!! haven't all of these people in the house of commons got 2 - 3 houses, nice big cars some with personal drivers, i don't think they really understand what hardship is, they should all maybe go and live in rented accommodation and survive on some of our wages.....i never take a stand against anyone but just watching these people in there designer dresses and suits is making me angry, in fact i have turned over only to find Gordon brown over in new york talking to more bloody rich people making decisions for my future and doing a bad job of it........i think i could do a better job!!!! anyway once things here have settled down i will start doing challenges again.