S A N T A * H A T S

S A N T A * H A T S: "
B L O G * C A N D Y * A L E R T!
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These Santa Hats are just the right size to hold a bag of gold chocolate coins, and make a novel alternative to the traditional Christmas stocking.

ch = chain or stitch
sc = single crochet or slip stitch
tbl = treble
tbl2tog = work specified number of stitches together

NOTE: commence all rounds with 3ch for first treble, and close all rounds with sc in first tbl
You will need:
* small quantity of DK in red
* small quantity of white eyelash wool
* 3.5mm crochet hook
* chocolate coins or small gifts to fill

Hat (from tip):
Using red make loop in yarn and work 5tbl in loop, sc to first tbl to form round. Pull loop tight to close end and continue as follows:

Rounds 1-7: tbl to last ch, work 3tbl in last ch (15sts at R7)
Round 8: (4tbl,work 2tbl in next ch) 3 times
Round 9: (5tbl, work 2tbl in next ch) 3 times

Continue increasing in this way until you have 27sts

Round 12: 1tbl, work 2tbl in next ch, 5tbl, tbl2tog, 10tbl, tbl2tog, 5tbl, work 2tbl in last ch.
Rounds 13-14: as R12

~ change to white eyelash wool ~

Rounds 15-16: tbl in every ch. Fasten off.

Make loop in yarn and work 10tbl into loop, sc to first tbl to form round and pull loop tight to close end. Work 1 more round of tbl. Fasten off. Fill with a marble or other round weight if you have it, or stuffing (scraps of the same yarn works well), then thread loose end through sts and gather up tight to form bobble. Attach to tip of hat.

Hanging Loop:
Using red make 30ch ring. Fasten off and attach to top of Hat using loose ends.

Alternatively, hang from tree using decoration hooks.